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Bosch Serie 4 WTE84106GB Energy Review

What is the ekoScore?

It's a national score out of 100 comparing the efficiency of this product against 7 kg models.

With a score of 19 this product's energy efficiency rating is low.

Bosch Serie 4 WTE84106GB

Lifetime Energy Costs of 7 kg Tumble Dryers Over 13 Years
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(13 years)
What is the product ekoMeter?

It shows you where this product is in the range of energy costs. See how much you can save by clicking in the range to compare the energy costs and total cost of ownership of this product with others.

This product

Cost to Run


Cost of Ownership

Price: £319.99
Lifetime energy cost: £2,649 (828% of price)
Total cost of ownership over 13 years: £2,969

A note on average usage

In order to calculate energy costs for tumble dryers we assume an average use of 5 times a week. Remember that these costs are only indicative and will vary according to your actual usage. More

Energy costs for tumble dryers are based on a full load using the standard cotton cupboard dry program. We assume that the load has been washed using a spin cycle of 1000 rpm leaving a moisture content of 60%. We use this moisture level as a reference because it is the most consistent information provided by manufacturers. If your washing machine has a spin cycle of over 1000 rpm your costs will be lower.

Colour White
Dryer Type Condenser
Drying Capacity (kg) 7
Type Freestanding
Yearly Operational Power Consumption
(A) Power consumption 4.2 kWh (per cycle)
(B) Usage 260 cycles per year
(C) Electricity cost per kWh 15.2p
(D) Yearly power consumption 1092 kWh
(E) Cost per cycle 63.84p
Yearly cost calculation (A * B * C) / 100 = £165.98
Energy Cost Over 13 Years
Average annual increase in electricity cost over the last 9 years: 3.35%
Energy cost in year 1 (@ 15.20p): £165.98
Energy cost in year 2 (@ 15.71p): £171.55
Energy cost in year 3 (@ 16.24p): £177.34
Energy cost in year 4 (@ 16.78p): £183.24
Energy cost in year 5 (@ 17.34p): £189.35
Energy cost in year 6 (@ 17.92p): £195.69
Energy cost in year 7 (@ 18.52p): £202.24
Energy cost in year 8 (@ 19.14p): £209.01
Energy cost in year 9 (@ 19.78p): £216.00
Energy cost in year 10 (@ 20.44p): £223.20
Energy cost in year 11 (@ 21.12p): £230.63
Energy cost in year 12 (@ 21.83p): £238.38
Energy cost in year 13 (@ 22.56p): £246.36
Total energy cost over 13 years: £2,648.97


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Sonic Direct £319.99
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